Abby First Words App Reviews

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Basic game

Basically, there are two activities within this game. For the first, you spell words by placing the scrambled tiles in their appropriate boxes, which have a "shadow letter" on them, so even your toddler can do that. The second activity is matching the whole words, with a picture, to the correct box, which is again identifiable with the "shadow" word. There are 9 word groups to choose from and within each of these groups are the same activities I have described above. Aside from the cheap feel and look of the game, my other complaint is in the avatars. At the beginning of the game, your child must choose an avatar. There is no particular reason for this, the avatar is not seen or heard the rest of the game. But for some reason, the creators only give one "girl" avatar option, although there are two "boy" avatar options, and also a few animals. My daughter wanted to know why there was only one girl to pick from. Of course, there is no racial diversity here either. Based on this setup, I can only assume that the creator thought that only white boys would be interested in their educational game. I would not recommend this game for schools, or anywhere else where there may be a large, diverse group of kids.

4YO really likes it!

My 4YO is starting to read with an at-home program so I downloaded her a few apps to help her with word recognition and matching skills. We both really like this one. And for $1 it's a good deal. There are lots of words and games and she enjoys them all. If I had any suggestions, I would say replace the voice for the dragon -- he's too creeepy! :)

Almost there...

The audio and visual effects on this app make a great use for learners of such styles; however, there is one serious flaw. I've tried the lesson section for the following: shapes, colors, and numbers. After each initial lesson, the screen goes blank black!! Nothing happens, no transition to the next lesson. I would use this for my special needs students, but I won't be able to until this is fixed. I'll keep the app, but it needs an update with the proper bugs fixed.

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